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Government suggests expanding telco infrastructure powers. Be transported to amazing new worlds, in games, video and images. zip archives, you may or may not have an option to password-protect the files inside it. Restful, restorative sleep is fundamental to health and happiness. Hola recién me he comprado una tablet Intel incide y trae Windows 8 existe algún antivirus gratis que me proteja el equipo… porque mi trabajo es con internet constantemente…. The downside of the role is that, especially with the ubiquity of social media these days, everyone’s a critic. (Jennifer Abel  @ ConsumerAffairs) It’s hard not to feel confused — or at least suspect that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler might be confused — when you read today’s news reports that the FCC has voted for “net neutrality,” and hear Wheeler praise “net neutrality” and a free and open internet even though the actual FCC rules seem to run counter to what “net neutrality” is supposed to be.