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After the release of WordPress 3.  @sandsurf15 Thanks so much I’m about to call now. I use it to assign and track and manage Outlook tasks, share my calendar, exchange work files, and to send, receive and discuss tasks in emails. IMPORTANT! If you are testing, it is a good idea to select "Only Me" for the "Who should see this?" option. In the Philippine release of the recent Global Entrepreneur Indicator (GEI) by the local chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), 60% of business owners said they expect a better operating environment, while 40% think it would stay the same. Nearly 33% of apps are not used after installation. Officejet. Norton also has equivalent mobile applications of their services on both Android and iOS, where the app alerts you about risky Android apps before you install them. Content providers have a choice, offer content the way the consumer wants it for a reasonable price or the consumer is going to go around them. Hi Naomi,.