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is a flagrant violation of privacy. Plus ça va, moins ça va. “While both companies have adopted industry-accepted best practices of requiring a warrant for content, publishing law enforcement guidelines, and publishing a transparency report, and while we applaud both companies for advocating for reforms to overbroad NSA surveillance, these two companies are not acting as leaders in other criteria that we examine,” reads the report. current-menu-item { background-color: #aabbcc; }. Okay, I’m not saing the game couldn’t suck, but I hate this guy (long story) and I’d never listen to his reviews of a game that hasn’t been released yet. Get true-to-life color and brilliant clarity from virtually every angle. Ran the software and removed malicious items it notified me of. I only hope that Windows users will get this terrific feature before too long. Pingback: Read More Here().