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19. Tomorrow it might be a Microsoft operating system on a suspect’s tablet. There’s no great hurry, and OpenOffice still has many fans, but I think it’s better to switch to Libre sooner rather than later.
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Google’s Cardboard VR headset is more universal, but not nearly as polished of an experience, and navigation is done by moving your head to see, select, and do anything. It turns out Anthony Weiner is none other than Hillary’s personal hit man, Ben Ghazi…. I would prefer a website that does all of this for me : ). “Since the
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USB 3. George Will is a columnist for the Washington Post Writers Group. On the one hand it’s an essential tool to speak at conferences, at the other it’s got to be the dumbest piece of software I’ve ever run into – and I’m counting the “Hello World” applications we all right. 11ahmad qattoush. The main point is, 2-step makes it very, very hard for anyone to take over your email account  remotely — from China, let’s say, or West Africa or Russia or even across the street. Track history.